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Veteran Jetliners at Work

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Preserved airliners are great; there should be more of them. But, what we really want to see is not a re-painted, highly polished, cherished machine. We want the real thing, often complete with dents and dirt, at work in its proper environment; the freight ramps and secondary airports of the world.

That’s what you get on this DVD, with its great collection of hard-working jetliners that once were the stars of air travel in the 60s and 70s, including:

DC8s and 727s at Miami

707s at Sharjah

IL62s at Istanbul

727s and DC9s at Caracas

Flight on a LADE 707

Passenger 727s

MK and AIA DC8s

Qinetiq BAC 1-11

737-200s and DC9s at Buenos Aires

DC9s and 737-200s at Manila

Stage III 707

737-200s at Quito, Ecuador