Here’s what customers have told us about our level of service.

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Your DVDs are fabulous and your service is super!  H.P.

It is so nice to find a Company that actually believes in ‘Customer Service’. Keep up the good work and keep those excellent DVDs coming.  P.M.

I love your DVDs, I’ve watched similar films from other makers and yours are by far the best…. Sound quality is flawless with no distracting wind noise and picture quality is amazing, these DVDs look superb when played on an upscaling DVD player connected via HDMI to an HD TV. My only complaint would be that you don’t make enough films:-) Seriously though, your hard work keeps this customer very happy.  D.H.

I cannot put into words as to the professionalism of Avion in the way which you handled and corrected my mistake. I will recommend Avion to any and all of my aviation buffs/friends I come in contact with in the future.  J.H.

I thought I’d drop you a line to say ‘thank you’ very much for the DVDs that were sent to me. The quality and presentation of the DVDs were perfect and excellent viewing. Thanks for the good service and keep them DVDs coming!  E.J.E

The film quality is superb and the narration and sequencing splendid. I’m looking forward to many more hours of watching your DVDs and showing my friends what they’re missing!  R.J.

I am very impressed with your service and wish to thank you for correcting my order so quickly when I ordered the wrong item. It has arrived in time for Christmas, which I was not expecting.
Many, many thanks.  A.P.

Just had to write to say thank you for the fantastic service. Placed my order for 4 DVD’s on Wednesday and they arrived here 8am this morning. One of the best web sites out there, supported by superb service. I have ordered from you in the past and will be ordering again in the future.  D.S.

My order of 6 tapes arrived at 8 am today. As I ordered them on Monday by Internet, I find this an incredible performance on your part and it must be the fastest turnaround I have ever experienced. This will encourage me to buy from you again, as opposed to going to the “allow 28 days merchants”. Also I like the programmes very much.