We’re doing all we can to beat the Christmas mail rush.

This year, there’ll be more pressure on mail services than ever before. So before Christmas, our UK delivery options now include next day guaranteed delivery.

Here’s what we’re doing for UK customers

Order five or more DVDs:

Until Christmas, free postage will be automatically upgraded from Recorded Delivery to Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1pm next day, at no cost to you.

Please note: Your order confirmation email will still say Free Recorded Delivery.

Order less than five DVDs:

Until Christmas, you have the option of adding Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1pm next day for a total delivery charge of £7.50, but only if you order by phone as this is not available on-line.

Call 01822 860378 from 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday.

Here’s what we’re doing for customers outside the UK

Order five or more DVDs:

Until Christmas, we will send your DVDs by a priority airmail service with no delivery charge.

Order less than five DVDs:

We will continue to send your DVDs by airmail at the charges stated on our website.

Enjoy our classic airliner DVDs

For over twenty years we’ve been creating high quality programmes featuring classic airliners world-wide. Using the latest digital video technology, our wide variety of classic airliner DVDs capture our fascination with air transport, both past and present.

There’s no music, except over title sequences; just high quality authentic sound. An informative commentary enhances each DVD, but never interferes with the action or the sounds you want to hear.

For two decades, we had airside access to bring you close-up views from around the ramps and right alongside the runways. The result is a catalogue with some of the best classic airliner DVDs available today.

We also go back as far as the 1950s, using digitally restored cine film and video to create some wonderful classic airliner DVDs, all with accurate authentic sound.

What are our favourites?  Difficult!  How about BOAC and Pan Am Stratocruisers in colour at London Airport? Restoring and flying on a Boeing 707 from Australia to Manston via Cairo?  The history of the Vickers VC10?  Fabulous big prop action plus wide-body freighters in Alaska?  Kai Tak filmed airside, from a helicopter and from an A340 flightdeck?  Vikings at Blackbushe?  Flying with Air Atlantique on a DC6 and a DC3?  Airside at Heathrow, with loads of 747s, in 2005?  DC7s and Super Connies at Miami?  Vintage Ringway?  Just some of the highlights from our classic airliner DVDs.

Most of our programmes have a Factsheet listing all the aircraft featured. These can be downloaded from this website.

Some of our material has been used by the BBC and other major TV companies.  We are always happy to discuss the commercial use of our extensive film and video archive.

We are a UK based Company and all our prices are in Pounds Sterling.

We never supply details of our customers to other companies or third parties.