DC10 Memories

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Footage from a variety of Avion DVDs and some previously unseen material, creates this great review of the charismatic McDonnell Douglas DC-10.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence [AI] software, original standard definition video has been completely re-worked to generate High Definition [HD] wide screen images of stunning clarity. All of which is now available on HD Blu-Ray as well as on DVD.

An informative narrative ties together some of the main elements of the DC10 story, whilst never getting in the way of the action you want to hear as well as see.

DC10s from 46 airlines were filmed at major airports world-wide. Early examples include BCAL’s and Laker’s Skytrain DC10s, caught on cine film that has also been re-processed using AI software. There’s a great mix of DC10s on the journey to Bangladesh Biman’s last passenger aircraft. They include, National, American, Garuda, Omni, Cal Air, Aero Mexico, Taesa, Aeroflot, Gemini, KLM, AOM FedEx and more!

A great tribute to an amazing aircraft!