We want to borrow your cine film or video!

Did you know that some of our most fascinating programmes are made with expertly restored cine film, including amateur 8mm cine film or video footage?

Cine film

Working with a specialist Company, we can safely transfer precious cine film images into a digital format. Then we edit those images just as though we’d filmed them with a modern digital video camera.

We can correct exposure problems, take out all those jumpy bits where the film was spliced and remove colour faults – even when the film has faded or gone completely red. We can add authentic digital stereo sound so realistically that you’d think it was recorded along with the cine images, all those years ago.

Take a look at this video clip, showing you how this is done.  Make sure you have the sound turned on.


Using the same colour correction, stabilisation and image sharpening techniques as we do for cine film, we can make some hand-held video look like it was shot on a tripod.  We can also replace defective sound in the same way that we add authentic sound to silent cine film. If you have original video camera tapes in any format, not a 2nd generation copy, we’d like to hear from you.


We pay for the transfer of cine film, regardless of whether any of it is eventually used.  We also pay for the right to copyright our DVDs containing your footage, at the rate of £500 per hour of edited material used.  You retain the copyright to your original footage, which will be returned to you at our expense.  You would have to undertake not to release your footage on Youtube or similar media within five years of its use in one of our videos.


All the time that your cine film is in your attic or on a shelf, it is deteriorating.  Physically, it is becoming brittle and its chemical composition may also be changing. Video tapes, whether analogue or digital, can also deteriorate to the point where they cannot be viewed or copied any more.

So, do please email us, using the contact form below and let’s all relive some more classic airliner action.