Big Props Miami

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Miami Airport in the late 70s and early 80’s was the place to see large numbers of big propliners hard at work in the service of exotic operators serving Caribbean islands and Latin America.

What makes this programme so special is the amazing access obtained by Martin Houweling. At times he’s almost underneath DC6s, DC7s and Super Constellations! He also gets a ride on a C97 and a DC7.

Martin also happens to be a great cameraman and that, coupled with amazing new digital enhancement techniques, has created some of the best big prop action ever recorded on cine film.

There are DC6s in the colours of twenty different operators, seven with C46s, five with DC7s and various Martin 404s, Super Constellations, Electras, CL44s, DC3s and Convairliners.

Highlights include:

Two of La Mancha Aire’s magnificent DC7s in glorious close-up action.

Battered, oil-streaked Super Constellations, close to their final flights.

Great turboprop action with CL44s, Yukons and Electras.

But really, there’s nothing but highlights in this extraordinary video.