Salzburg Ski Charters 2007/8

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December to March is usually Salzburg’s peak traffic season, when skiers and other winter holidaymakers arrive here from all over Europe. Of course, things were different in 2020, but back in January 2007 and 2008, the ramp was full of charter flights and executive jets.

Salzburg was especially popular then with winter tourists from Russia and other states previously part of the Soviet Union. At that time, many of their airlines were transitioning to western equipment and so there was a great mix of Tu154s and Yak 42s alongside 737s, 757s, etc, as well as a 707!

Manchester-based Dave Ross braved the cold, especially when the Russians were arriving before dawn, and captured all the action on the busiest days at Salzburg. The best of his footage has now been put together in this 75 minute DVD.

Hardly any of the airlines featured are still operating and, with very few exceptions, none are still flying the same aircraft. You can now catch all this long-gone action without catching a cold!


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