Classic Airliner Collection No. 4

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More great footage of big props and vintage jets worldwide, from Caribbean Convairs and DC3s, to turboprops at Zurich or big props at Blackpool!

There’s some incredibly rare colour film taken airside at Heathrow in the mid-fifties, featuring BOAC’s Argonaut, Hermes, Constellation and Stratocruiser. It’s filmed on the ramp and the close-up shots are just amazing!

Remember operations at La Paz with Convairliners, DC4s and DC6s, carrying meat from remote Bolivian farms? They’re here.

There’s a collection of the airliners that carried one family on a whole series of holidays worldwide. Included are a Pan American Constellation, South African Airways 707, UTA DC8, a VASP Electra and more.

As well as Pan Am’s and BOAC’s, classic Constellations continue with Aerotours and Air Cargo Support 1049s and TWA, Capital and Carib Air 749s.

There’s a detailed look at F & B’s sole Convair 880, including a flight deck ride.

Autair Ambassador, Air Sea Service CV440, ADSA M.404 and much more!