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Corrosion Corner

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Back in the 1970s and 80s, Miami’s ‘Corrosion Corner’ was famous as the best place to see veteran propliners struggling through their final days, alongside some of the earliest jetliners flying freight for carriers now long-gone.

It was an amazing scene; smoke pouring from vintage jetliners straining to gain height on take off and tired old propliners resting between cargo trips on oil-covered aprons. Just take Convair 880s, for example. There are five different operators featured; LANICA , Groth Air and Elvis Presley, plus cargo flights by InAir Panama and Monarch Aviation. Early 707s include Southeast’s non-fan engined example and a rare Series 100 freighter flown by AeroCondor. The ‘Calder’ Braniff DC8 appears with others from ARCA , Airlift, ANDES and one in the former livery of Concord International.

Big props are certainly not forgotten, as C46s from Casair, Rich, Bahamasair and more arrive to clear customs, along with DC6s of TAN, Cayman, Surinam, and CLTM and Electras of LACSA, Argentine Navy and TACA.

There’s a look at Martin 404 operations to Marco Island, PBA DC3s at Key West and some of the stored airliners at Fort Lauderdale. Plus, flights on an Argo Constellation and an Air Haiti C46, whose Captain switches off one engine in mid-flight!

These are just the highlights; in all you’ll see 50 vintage jets and 65 big props in this great DVD, made with expertly restored cine film and authentic sound.


Comments from our customers ….

Simply wonderful! Nice quality work, pleasant and interesting narration! S.A.B.

Just watched Corrosion Corner for the 20th time and love it.  B.A.

Your cine conversion quality is superb, I know how difficult this is. I like the narration, interesting bite size bits of information. The audio re-production is really excellent, also noticed how you looked for aircraft running in background to put in the mix. Great work! R.W.

I’ve just spent an hour with your CORROSION CORNER film and already miss it. It is one of the very best airliner DVDs I’ve even seen.

By now I have a few of your titles and I must say I really enjoy the narration. It is perfect, just the right amount and treats the viewer with respect. It feels like one is there in Miami and that is a feeling only a few airline film makers are able to create.

Another of my favourites is 707 Skyward, which by accident happens to be produced by you as well… I got the same feeling from that film, a feeling of being there during the restoration and onboard during the flight to Manston.

All in all, I will get more Avion Video DVD’s and I really hope that you have more films like these planned!  H.J.