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Airports in the 90s – Miami

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When this Miami video was released in 1996, it was an instant success with its mix of Latin American airlines, US carriers and the last of MIA’s famous propliners. Now it’s been re-released on DVD as part of our Airports in the Nineties series, bringing you higher quality images and menu selection.

So much has changed in commercial aviation since this was filmed. Take the 727 for instance. Do you remember Amerijet, ACES, Avensa, SAN, Mexicana, Servivensa, United, Northwest, American, Carnival, Delta, TWA or Sun Pacific examples?

They’re all on the DVD, together with plenty of other great vintage jetliners like DC8s of Arrow Air, ATC Columbia, Fine Air, Zuliana, Buffalo and Air Marshall Islands. 707 fans won’t be disappointed either, with aircraft from airlines like Tampa, Millon Air, Challenge Air Cargo and AECA.

Miami used to mean big props and we give Trans Air Link’s remaining DC6s the full treatment out on the ramp, plus a look at a forlorn Agro Air C97.

Originally filmed on digital video, this DVD re-release brings back some fabulous memories of a great airport in its prime.