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On just one day, 28th May 2003, in the middle of the half-term holiday traffic, Manchester International Airport handled over 200 extra flights, bringing fans from Italy to watch the UEFA Champions League Final.

Two years of planning paid off, as aircraft poured in with as many as 202 on the ground at one time, and a total of 889 flights that day. At its peak, 61 flights were handled in one hour. Overall, this was the busiest day in the Airport’s 65 year history.

Our camera crew were hard at work too, spending 15 hours on the ramp and by the runways, recording all the action at this unique event.

As more and more aircraft arrive, and the remote stands and taxiways are filled with scores of airliners, you’ll feel at the heart of the action airside. You’ll also begin to wonder whether there are any more airliners left in Italy to provide normal services!

More than 60 executive jets, including an Italian Air Force A319, added to the heavy metal parked all around the airport, providing a superb opportunity to see some unusual bizjet action.