You can ‘stream’ video over the internet, without having to download it.  That’s what happens when you watch YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime TV. Vimeo is just another streaming platform. You can use a smart TV, mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet, to watch Vimeo.  More information on watching follows guidance on purchasing our streaming videos.

Buying an Avion video to stream

You can watch Vimeo videos on your phone or tablet, but you can only purchase them from a desktop or laptop computer.

Go to the Avion Home page, select View our Range and then STREAM IN HD.  Or, go straight to any of our new releases; they’re all available to stream.

Select the streaming option, enter your name and email address, and click the Go to Vimeo button.

Either register or log in. Store, or make a note of your log-in and password; you’ll need them later. If you don’t want to receive promotional messages about Vimeo, uncheck the box at the end of the Log in window.

Pay for your video and watch it whenever you like.

Vimeo will send you a receipt which has a ‘Watch now’ button on it. You don’t have to use this to access your video, but if you do you must be logged in to Vimeo, or it will think you are a new customer wanting to buy.

Look at the cost benefit when buying from outside the UK


  • Buy a DVD for €23 including postage. On delivery, you pay VAT and a fee to your postal service for collecting the VAT. The total additional cost varies, but can be about €10

Total cost about €33

  • Buy a streaming video for €19

Outside Europe [Example USA]:

  • Buy a DVD for $28 including postage.
  • Buy a streaming video for $22

Watching an Avion streaming video

To watch on any suitable internet connected device, except a smart TV

Download the Vimeo App and log in. Your purchased videos should appear.  If not, select ‘Watch later’ and they’ll be there.

To watch Vimeo on a smart TV

Some smart TVs have Apps like the Apple TV store, Roku channel store or Google Play store.  If yours does, search for the Vimeo app and log in.  Your purchased videos should appear.  If not, select ‘Watch later’ and they’ll be there.

If your smart TV can’t access Vimeo directly, you can:

  • Buy a streaming stick that adds extra streaming channels to your TV, including Vimeo. Roku and Amazon Fire have several different models. You can compare the difference between them here
  • Or, you can buy a Google Chromecast stick. Download the Vimeo app to your phone or tablet and Chromecast will send any video you’re playing on your phone, to your TV, so that you can watch it there.

If you always want to watch videos on your TV and don’t have the Vimeo app already installed, a streaming stick is best.  Chromecast suits those who also want to watch on their phone or tablet.  When watching any video on your phone, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi, or additional phone charges may be incurred.

Need to know more?

What’s Vimeo?  Vimeo is like a professional version of YouTube and has over 170 million users. A billion videos are watched on Vimeo every day.

What’s the advantage over a DVD?

  • You can watch immediately you make a purchase.
  • You don’t pay postage.
  • Non-UK customers are not charged import duty or local sales tax.
  • You will see the purchase price displayed in your local currency. [Major currencies only.]
  • Customers in the US/Canada/Japan or any other country with the NTSC TV system can stream videos made in the European PAL TV standard, perfectly. Because of that, we will not release streaming video programmes on NTSC DVDs as well, but only on PAL DVDs.

What if I still want to buy DVDs?

  • All our current range of videos that are not available to stream, will continue to be made on both PAL and NTSC DVDs.
  • All our streaming videos will also be available on DVDs, but only in the UK/European PAL TV format. PAL DVDs will not play on NTSC DVD players.

Why can’t I download video?  Streaming video doesn’t need software to make it work or take up storage space.  There is no limit on the number of times you can watch the videos.

Why does a streaming video cost the same as a DVD?  The main cost of a video programme is the time and expertise involved in the production process.  That’s the same for either format.

For how long can I stream a video I’ve bought?  Permanently.

Why do I pay Vimeo for streaming, not Avion Video?  Because Vimeo provide the service.

What if I want to buy a streaming video and give it to someone else?  Gift certificates are not currently available.  If you want to send a video as a gift, the easiest option is to buy a DVD.