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Classic Wings – Vickers VC10

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Superbly engineered, but too late and tailored to the needs of only a small proportion of its potential customers, that’s the Vickers VC10, a very British airliner indeed.

Using some amazing fully restored archive cine film from BAE Systems, we present the story of the VC10.

It’s all here; construction, pre-delivery flight testing, displays at Paris and Farnborough. BOAC’s first Standard VC10 service to Lagos, and BOAC Cunard’s inaugural Super VC10 to New York. BUA and British Caledonian at Gatwick. The Commonwealth customers; Ghana, East African and Nigeria Airways, plus MEA and Gulf Air.

The civil use of the VC10 is drawn to a close by the Sultan of Oman’s executive model, flying back to its Brooklands birthplace.

From the hand-over of the first aircraft to 10 Squadron, we follow the RAF’s use of this versatile machine as an airliner and later as an air to air refueller. Stunning shots of Tornadoes and Jaguars ‘at the pumps’ and an amazing sequence refuelling a prototype AEW Nimrod, are complemented by video of VC10s in action at Brize Norton.

In full colour throughout, together with superb digital stereo sound, it’s a unique video that’s an absolute ‘must’ for all VC10 fans.

The cover design of this DVD has changed but the programme is the same as the original DVD.

EAN No.: B01H1RD13W

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Coverage of manufacture, testing, airline service and life in the RAF is thorough. The photography is crisp and colorful. The editing is professional.  B.E.