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Classic Wings – BAC 1-11 Part 1

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Using expertly restored colour cine film from BAE Systems’ archives, and with authentic sound throughout, this DVD tells the story of the BAC 1-11’s early sales success.

Construction, flight testing, route proving, first flights, sales tours -they’re all in this fascinating programme covering that exciting period from 1963 to 1967; when, as the world’s first short-haul jetliner, the BAC 1-11 broke into the all-important US market.

Main features:

Construction, rollout and first flight of the prototype

American, Braniff and Mohawk 1-11s at work in the USA

British United’s route proving and inaugural 1-11 service

British Eagle 1-11s in service and at the Farnborough Air Show

TACA 1-11s at work in Central America

Flight testing Philippines Airlines and LANICA 1-11s

Aer Lingus 1-11s on delivery and in service

Testing and delivery of Channel Airways first 1-11

Air to air with a Laker 1-11

Also included are some of the other airliners seen on the 1-11’s world tour. Examples are in the photo gallery

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Comments from our customers ….

I just received the BAC One-Eleven DVD – just wanted to drop you a note of congratulations on doing a fantastic job. Great documentary, all the relevant information and -stunning- visuals and sound. Listening to the Spey wind-up and scream on takeoff (in stereo no less) brought back happy memories. Can’t wait for Volume 2!  M.C.

Just received the BAC One-Eleven DVD, and I would like to congratulate Avion Video for this superb programme. Having lived close to Hurn all my life I grew up with the sight and sound of these wonderful aircraft. I did not aspire to owing any recording equipment at the time and this DVD makes up for this, and brings back many memories. I will be first in the queue for part 2.  D.L.

Just received my DVD from Avion, absolutely terrific, something for everyone in it. Great service from Avion too, I will definitely be ordering part 2.  Mark

The restoration, the colors, the sound and overall quality are fantastic. The use of actual BAC 1-11 sounds (which are distinctive and easily recognized by BAC 1-11 fans) is a real treat! My whole family (wife and 7-year-old son) enjoyed the DVD, and we very much look forward to part 2!  Louis

Thanks for the super fast dispatch on the above DVDs, they arrived next day. I am saving Part 2 but going by the first DVD, I can’t wait. Excellent production and editing. Informative as well, like the Herald volume previously purchased. Great to hear a pair of Speys winding up. Super to see real airliners in the background as well. J.H.

This fabulous documentary shows the first part of the story of the most successful European jet of its time. Showing scenes on the production line and the maiden flight of the very first One – Eleven this DVD is a superb tribute to the days when we made things all over the country and very good things too.  M.T.