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Vickers Props Farewell

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Remember when you came home from an airport with your ears ringing from the sound of Rolls Royce Darts and Tynes? You’ll get the same effect from watching this DVD featuring nothing but Viscounts and Vanguards!

We take a look at major Viscount operators such as BEA and British Midland, together with 70’s services by Cambrian and Northeast. All that action is taken from expertly restored cine film. Similar material brings us Vanguards operating for BEA, Trans Canada Airlines and Invicta International.

Moving on to the 1980s and 90s there’s an in-depth look at the Parcelforce operations at Coventry with Viscounts in three different liveries and Air Bridge/Hunting Clan Vanguards. We’re on board a Viscount flying from Belfast to Coventry, and in the cockpit for the final approach and landing.

The last Viscount flight from Heathrow, a V700 flight testing at Antwerp, air to air with London European’s V806 – it’s Vickers Prop Heaven – don’t miss it!

Comments from our customers ….

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much, and say how pleased I am with my recent purchase of one of your DVD’S ‘VICKERS PROPS FAREWELL’.The footage which is contained within the DVD, in my eyes is priceless and worth every penny. It is a true credit to yourselves as the supplier, and to the people who were responsible for taking the time to produce this DVD.  R.H.

Avion products are the best with excellent limited commentary and brilliant photography. The Trainman