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Very Big Props

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Very Big Props has a great collection of some of the largest and most complex propliners ever built; the Boeing C97, the Lockheed Super Constellation and the Douglas DC7. In one form or another, all three reigned supreme over the North Atlantic air routes and all ended up as careworn freighters trailing clouds of smoke behind them as they approached the scrap man.

Big twins like the C46 and the C119, also used large engines, so they feature too, along with some slightly smaller veteran propliners that either got in the way, or were too good to miss out.

Highlights include:

Fabulous ramp action at Santo Domingo with DC7s, L1049s and more

A special feature on the Grace Aire C97, hauling salmon in Alaska

The Brooks Air Fuel DC7 in action, including a flightdeck ride

Florida Air Transport’s magnificent DC7 in American Airlines colours

Commemorative Air Force and Everts Air Fuel C46s

Four Star Air Transport Convair 440

HARS Super Constellation

Buffalo Airways DC4s, C46s, CL215s and Cansos

Air Spray A26 Invader.