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London Airport: Heathrow 1940s – 1970s

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Our third ‘London Airport’ DVD goes back even further; to the 1940s, with BOAC Yorks, a BSAA Lancaster Freighter, Constellations and even an Air France Languedoc.

Then there’s a BEA Ambassador and a BOAC Stratocruiser plus KLM and Sabena DC4s. And do you remember Island Airways’ Dragon Rapides giving pleasure flights over London?

Outside the Queens Building in 1959, the ramp’s pretty quiet; just a few early Viscounts and the occasional DC6B. But, after a drive to Heathrow in 1961, on almost empty approach roads, the airport itself is now crowded with turboprops and early jetliners.

But, there are a still a few piston propliners; Air France Super Constellations, Sabena and Swissair CV440s, a Cambrian DC3 and we fly to Liverpool on a Starways DC4.

Tridents, Comets, 707s, DC8s, VC10s, 1-11s, DC9s; all the early jetliners are here and they feature in some great airside action or in those famous views from the spectator terraces.

On the cargo ramp, there’s close up action with a Singapore Airlines 707C, BEA Merchantman and a Fred Olsen Electra.

Singapore Airlines’ Concorde also features in this wonderful review of Heathrow in its heyday.



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