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Gatwick Airport: 1960s to 1980s

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This DVD recreates the sights and sounds of Gatwick from as far back as 1959, right up to the late eighties. Using the same high-quality techniques and painstaking attention to detail as we did for our London Airport DVDs; ancient cine film, some more than 50 years old, has been digitally transformed to take you back in time.

Because it was used for charter flights to London, Gatwick always had such a variety of interesting airlines and aircraft. We start with the very early days, as an Air Links Dakota departs from an almost deserted apron. Then the big props arrive; DC6s, Britannias, Viscounts and CL44s. There’s also a delightful Canadian Air Force Bristol Freighter, a Balair DC4 and one of Caledonian’s first DC7Cs.

Soon, the whine of early jets is heard, as the BAC 1-11 era begins. Adding to the din are 707s and DC8s from the USA and Canada, Spanish DC9s, the legendary Dan Air Comet 4s and lots more.

Gradually, the wide-bodied era starts, with early 747s, including a ‘Big Orange’ from Braniff, appearing alongside DC10s and Tristars, featuring airlines like CP Air, Wardair, Air Florida, BCAL, Cal Air, World Airlines, TWA and British Airtours.

Gatwick in its heyday was always a favourite place for airliner enthusiasts. Now you can step back in time and visit it once more!

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Comments from our customers ….

Fantastic DVD; I hope you do another for the 1990’s-2010.  A.L.

Many thanks for the Gatwick DVD and congratulations on another superb addition to your collection.  G.D.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, Brilliant!  R.S.

Brought back a flood of memories.  M.W.

The LGW DVD is excellent – really like it.  W.S.

Avion Video have really come into their own with their range of niche DVDs covering different aspects of aviation and airport history. Their most recent title is Gatwick Airport from the 1960s to the 1980s and, as the name, suggests, covers London’s second airport from the beginnings of flight coming to the masses, up to the periods of change in the UK airline scene.

Using a variety of footage shot from around the airport, including views from the now gone viewing terrace, this is a fantastic trip down memory lane. It covers the old prop types and independent airlines of the 60s through to the classic jet airliners introduced later.

Gatwick has always been London’s ‘charter’ airport, and many UK holiday airlines are seen here, as well as airlines such as BUA, British Caledonian, Air Europe and Dan Air London (remember their Comet 4s?). All now sadly gone, but still fondly remembered.

The DVD is a little short at just under 60 minutes, but the quality of content more than makes up for it and the DVD includes a lengthy overview of all the other Avion DVDs available, with snippets to enjoy.

This great DVD starts with some great vintage footage including a flight on a DC-3 to the Channel Island of Jersey. and shows the evolution of both the airport and the aircraft it served. Like all the Avion DVDs the commentary is informative but not intrusive. Recommended for any enthusiast of civil aviation. M.T.

A really good DVD with excellent photography and commentary.  Euclid