Airport Action – Heathrow

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Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest international airports, with a constant procession of airliners using both its main runways and a huge programme of development to continue to meet the needs of 21st Century passengers.

With the kind co-operation of BAA Heathrow, we went airside in 2005 to bring you superb airliner action from around the ramps and right by the runways. New colour schemes on major carriers, plus one-off special liveries like the Lufthansa retro look A321 and Malaysia’s ‘Hibiscus’ 747 all add to the enjoyment of this great DVD.

Heathrow’s huge freight facility is also featured, with a JAL Cargo natural metal 747 400F being unloaded and other cargoliner action.

Terminal 5, the new Control tower and a look behind the scenes at Airfield Operations combine with constant airside airliner action to create a wonderful record of Heathrow.

Comments from our customers ….

A friend of mine sent me Airport Action Heathrow as a present (being an ex UK resident) and I just wanted to say I was blown away by the quality. Any chance you could do a series on all the UK main airports – current day Ringway, East Midlands, Gatwick etc.

Can I ask what cameras you use to film the DVD – the image is quite stunning (I know they’re digital but what make / model). I only ask because I work for a local TV Station out here so just a professional interest.  S.R.

This DVD is pure magic. If you’re into civil aviation as I am, then this is a must have item. Lasting 1′ 15″ it shows you all the great airlines flying to-day. I do have one minor criticism however. A facts sheet about the airliners on the DVD would be more than welcome. Avion did it with their tapes, why not the DVD? If you want the facts sheet you have to download it from their webpage. Apart from that minor detail this is a class act through and through.  G.P.