Air Atlantique plus Super Connie Rescue

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We spent a lot of time at Coventry in 2000, filming Air Atlantique at work and catching the arrivals and practice display routines for the 50’s Airshow that year.

The result was our Air Atlantique video. Filmed on professional digital video with superb sound throughout, it’s always been a popular choice with many big prop fans and those wanting a reminder of Air Atlantique’s fascinating activities.

It’s been released on DVD together with Super Connie Rescue in this 135 Minute double DVD set, giving you some amazing big prop value.

Air Atlantique

At one time, Atlantic Airlines’ freight services were operated by the world’s largest Electra fleet, plus two DC6s and a Convair 440. It had seven operational DC3s, used for spraying oil dispersant at sea, and freight & passenger duties. As well as all that it also ran an Historic Flight with aircraft like the Twin Pioneer, Dove, Dragon Rapide and an airworthy Avro Anson.

Features include:

A flightdeck ride on a DC6 over the Alps to Turin and back to Coventry via Lille.

A flightdeck ride on a DC3 to East Midlands Airport, at 2,500 feet.

Historic Flight DC3, Twin Pioneer, Rapide, Anson, Devon, plus visiting Canberra, Meteor, Spitfire two-seater and Fennec at an Open Weekend.

50’s Airshow arrivals including Noratlas & Flamont, plus practice displays.

Electra and Convair 440 freighters in action.

Super Connie Rescue

With the end of Dominican propliner operations in 1993, Super Constellation HI-583CT sat at Santo Domingo, cared for by Aerochago mechanics, hoping for a miracle.

One finally arrived in 2001, when a Swiss-based team, led by a former Super Connie pilot, mounted a rescue bid. From the first ground runs, to the eventual restoration work, everything was captured on video.

After months of repairs and negotiations in Dominica, the aircraft was ferried to Opa Locka. During the flight, the No. 2 engine had to be shut down, but everything else ran fairly smoothly.

Not so on the next part of the trip to Avra Valley, where the restoration was to take place. A few hours into the flight, No 2 gave further trouble and engine oil leaked back over the wing. It was decided to make an unscheduled stop at Conroe, Texas, but a major hydraulic leak caused more anxious moments, before a safe landing.

Further repairs and, finally, arrival at Avra Valley, Arizona, where the MATS Connie’s looked after and another L749 was being prepared for delivery to the Dutch Aviodome Museum at Schipol. Both these aircraft are featured on the video, including a training exercise in the MATS machine.

Comments from our customers ….

Airline Action – Air Atlantique
“This superb video provides a behind the scenes look at this fascinating airline. The filming took place over the course of a year and includes footage taken during the regular open days as well as looking at aircraft under maintenance and on everyday charter work. One of the highlights of the tape is the flight on board a DC6 propliner from Coventry to Turin, flying over the Alps on the way!

All of the Company’s aircraft are featured, including the Historic Flight aircraft and the DC3s as well as aircraft visiting the airfield, such as a Spitfire and a pair of Tornado GR-1s.

Rehearsals and arrivals for the successful 50s Airshow in August are also featured in this excellent video.” Air Action

“This is a pleasing insight into the multifaceted operator, based at Coventry, Warwickshire. ……. Nicely put together, this is an absorbing tribute to a unique operator.” Flypast

“If you like propliners, this one’s a ‘must’ ” Aircraft Illustrated

“What is impressive about this production is the sound and picture quality, which are excellent.” Wingspan

 Thanks for the GREAT DVD! I am really enjoying it.  Quality is wonderful.  D.F.