Airport Action – Alaska

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Here’s a full description of each video:

Airport Action Anchorage

Get a detailed airside look at Alaska’s amazing airliners at Anchorage.

It’s a refuelling stop for wide-bodied freighters crossing the Pacific and the freight ramps were often full of 747s, DC10s and MD11Fs.

It’s the main air gateway to Alaska. Long-distance flights include China Airlines and Hawaiian. In 1999, there weare 160 domestic flights a day by Alaska Airlines, United, Delta,etc. Local carriers like Reeve Aleutian, Era Aviation and Pen Air all used propliners!

FedEx, Northwest Cargo, UPS and United Worldwide Cargo all have major cargo operations here.

It was the centre of regional freight services by two DC6 operators. Other local freighters included 727s, a DC3, a C46 Commando and a Caribou!

This high quality digital video was filmed entirely airside with the full co-operation of the Airport Authority and numerous airlines. You even get to see inside a DC6, a C46 and an Electra! As usual, the sound is as good as the picture, vital when you’re listening to a Pratt & Whitney R2800 backfire or a taxiing CV580.

Features Include:

A detailed look at Northern Air Cargo’s operations. The airline had thirteen DC6s, including a Swingtail version, plus several 727’s.

A superbly restored C46 Commando operated by Air Cargo Express, together with their DC6s.

FedEx’s amazing ‘Super Hub’ with around a dozen DC10s and MD11s on the ramp at once, plus A300, F27 and Cessna Caravan.

Inside Reeve Aleutian’s base – and an Electra.

More turbo-propliner action with Convair CV580s of Era Aviation.

747-100/200Fs include American Intl., Asiana, Evergreen, JAL Logistics, Korean, Air China and UPS.

747-400Fs of Atlas and Asiana.

MD11Fs of EVA Cargo, Korean and FedEx.

DC10s include Hawaiian, FedEx, Omni and Sun Country.

A DC3 full of dynamite and lots more!

Airport Action Fairbanks/Lake Hood

Our second airside look at airliners in Alaska takes in two airports – Fairbanks, just 200 miles from the Arctic Circle, and Lake Hood, adjacent to Anchorage Intl. and the World’s largest floatplane base!

Just like Anchorage, Fairbanks also has its share of refuelling long-haul freighters crossing the Pacific on their way from Europe to the Far East, as well as being the focus of a range of services to remote communities in the Interior. For many of these, everything has to be flown in, including fuel – which meant regular work for C46s, DC4s and DC6s operated by four different airlines!

Lake Hood is busy all day long as Beavers, Otters and other floatplanes carry anglers to fish distant lakes or bring in supplies to lakeside communities. We’ve got some superb film of these aircraft in close up action – as you can see from the samples shown here!

As with our Anchorage programme, this was filmed airside in 1999 with the full co-operation of the airport authorities and various airlines. Superb sound compliments the excellent pictures obtained by our Sony Professional digital camera equipment.

Features Include:

Great footage of Everts Air Fuel C46 Commando in action.
Lots of Northern Air Cargo and Air Cargo Express DC6 action.
Brooks Fuel DC4s and DC7.
Everts Air Fuel Convair 340 [C131].
Dramatic runway-side shots of 747Fs of Cargolux, Air France and Lufthansa.
A tour down the ramp past many stored propliners.
Air North HS 748.
Rusts & Ketchum Air Services Beavers, Otters and Turbo Otter floatplanes.
Restored Grumman Goose N703

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This beautiful DVD is professionally filmed digitally and is well worth having in your collection.