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Veteran Turboprops at Work

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The latest in our ‘Airliners at Work’ series, this review of veteran turboprops will have your ears ringing to the sound of Darts, Tynes and Allison 501s! Featured on the DVD are a great variety of turboprops, including:

A close up look at an Africargo CL44 being loaded, pushed back and then attempting and failing to take off from Sharjah.

HS748 operations with Pelican and Executive Aerospace in South Africa, Air North and First Air in Canada and Alaska, plus an Ecuadorian Air Force example. We also fly from Whitehorse to Dawson City on an Air North 748.

Bouraq were one of the last operators of Viscount passenger services and one of their Series 843s is seen on the ramp, before a flight to Jakarta that includes a visit to the flight deck.

The magnificent Conroy CL44 Guppy is seen inside and out, as it carries out a full-power engine run at Bournemouth.

There’s a wonderfully nostalgic journey from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe, using Electras of Pacific Southwest and Air California.

The famous Rio – Sao Paulo Air Bridge is featured, with the Rio ramp having almost nothing on it but Varig Electras.

The very last Vanguard taxi down the Brooklands runway, a very nostalgic sight and sound, too good to miss even though it is in a museum.

Air Chathams’ CV580 operations in New Zealand, the only scheduled service by this great turboprop anywhere in the world.

Again there’s a visit to the Convair’s flight deck, as there is during a very low level flight in an Icelandic Coastguard F27.

With fewer than 30 aircraft featured in this 70 minute DVD, there’s plenty of time for a detailed look at some of these fascinating aircraft at work in a variety of locations around the world.


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I’ve just obtained your Veteran Turboprops DVD and it is a fascinating piece of work. A brilliant DVD.  R.C.

A joy to watch!  C.M.

The programme is brilliant – I received my copy on Friday and have already watched it 3 times !  A.B.