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Since 1993 we've been creating high quality programmes featuring airliners world-wide. Our regular investment in the latest digital video technology has produced a wide variety of professional DVDs that capture our fascination with air transport, both past and present.

We never add music, except over title sequences; always providing high quality authentic sound that makes you feel you're there with the camera. We do add a commentary wherever this enhances the programme, but never allow it to interfere with the sounds you want to hear.

We work with airlines and airports to get airside access, bringing you close-up views from around the ramps and right alongside the runways.

We also use commercial archive film and film shot by cine enthusiasts to create some wonderful vintage airliner programmes.

Most of our programmes have a Factsheet listing all the aircraft featured. These can be downloaded from this website.

Some of our material has been used by the BBC and other major TV companies and we are always happy to discuss the commercial use of our extensive film and video archive.

We are a UK based Company and all our prices are in Pounds Sterling, as denoted by the sign or by GBP [Great Britain Pounds].

We never supply details of our customers to other companies or third parties.

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We want your cine film!

We want your cine film! Did you know that some of our most fascinating DVDs are made with expertly restored cine film, including amateur 8mm footage.

Working with the same specialist Company that the BBC use, we can safely transfer precious cine film images into a digital format. Then we can edit those images just as though we'd filmed them with a modern digital video camera.

We can correct exposure problems, take out all those jumpy bits where the film was spliced and remove colour faults - even when the film has faded and gone completely red. We can add authentic digital stereo sound so realistically that you'll think it was recorded along with the cine images all those years ago.

We also pay for the use of your footage at the rate of 500 per hour of edited material used.

All the time that your cine film is sitting in your attic or on a shelf, it is deteriorating. So do please call Howard Asbridge on 01822 860378 or write to him at Avion Video LLP, Laurel Cottage, Chillaton, LIFTON, Devon PL16 0HS [UK] before it's too late.

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